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Working horses in-hand is an integral part of training, it’s as important as working your horse under saddle.  Working in-hand, in an effective and kind manner allows you to study your horse and allows them to improve their balance and muscle structure. Like riding, the approach taken for working in-hand corresponds to the horse’s level of training, for instance you can apply working in-hand techniques to handle a young horse or teach a more developed horse piaffe in hand.


The J Mendez Cavesson is the training tool used for working in-hand, lunging and handling. The unique design has been refined from common Spanish Seratta (toothed) Cavessons. The J Mendez Cavesson is kind, light and comfortable for the horse. The design of the nose band aids in better training to teach the horse a more correct flexion without creating a head tilt. Also the design allows the horse’s jaw to relax without having to use a bit.     

Toby shoulders fore to the long side_edited.jpg
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Fitting the J Mendez Cavesson

Fitting Cavesson

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